No more paper forms, out-of-date excel spreadsheets and emails going back and forth between staff, National Sport Organisations, the Organising Committee, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Plus 1% provides a standardised approach to athlete data management and gives users access to not only the software but the very best practices in database management. Instead of reinventing the wheel or losing valuable data and knowledge when staff, volunteers and Chef de Missions move on, your organisation’s data will be safely stored in a highly secure on-line cloud environment that always remains your property.

Plus 1% offers multiple ways in which you can save time and money from reducing your outfitting overage by thousands of dollars to having all your data available at anytime anywhere in the world, fully backed up in a secure online environment.

One of the systems features is the ability for clients to subscribe to all the various types of Games, such as the Olympic Summer Games or the European Games as examples, which your organisation attends. This service then automatically provides you with access to all the associated Games both past, present and future. Save days of work in setting up a database for each Games, its all done for you with our Master replication of core data.

At the Plus 1% ‘Master’ level the AMO will set-up each Games with the core data that clients require such as opening and closing ceremony dates, village dates, sports and disciplines, events, country lists and all the associated codes as examples. This data is then replicated down to your database meaning you will always have the latest data on current and future Games your organisation subscribes to.

If a sport or event changes then we look after the addition of that sport and all the associated codes. Accreditation templates are added for each Games. This alone will save your administrators weeks of works over the life of the Games you are working on as all your data is standardised to that international events configuration.

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