With our Plus 1% ‘Systems Thinking’ approach you will access our vast knowledge network of highly experienced administrators and implement world leading practices in athlete data management. 

Information sharing, data capture and management are all critical components to any successful Games Team campaign. Using Plus 1% provides you with more than just a data management solution and secure database. It also allows you to access our network of sport professionals from the world’s leading National Olympic Committees, Paralympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Associations who are focused on developing best practice solutions and solving information, technology and data challenges associated with Games management.

You will be able to collaborate with each other multi-sport administrators, share ideas and experiences which will enable you to develop the very best practice models for your organisation along with minimising risks and avoiding reinventing the wheel.

The Plus 1% software is being used by multi-sport administrators from National Olympic Committees, Paralympic Committees and Commonwealth Games Associations across all continental regions including:

  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania

Knowledge sharing and developing leading practice models is also fostered at our bi-annual users conference. This forum explores the leading practices in athlete data management operations and provides an opportunity for networking between administrators and establishes the best practices in the use of the Plus 1% platforms.



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