Give athletes and officials a place to find the answers they need quickly, anytime, and from any device. Design specific data forms for each Games and provide one place to access critical information.

The Plus 1% Portal is an athlete data collection platform providing an unmatched athlete data capture experience. Individual athletes and officials are at the heart of every Games campaign and our Plus 1% Portal enables you to tailor your data collection needs from one Games to another depending on the needs of the Organising Committee and other stakeholders. Our Portal data captured is fully integrated with Plus 1% and submits data directly into the Plus 1% database when athletes and officials click save on their tailored data form. Design different forms for different Games depending on your data capture needs.

In today’s connected world, every interaction with your athletes and team members matters. The Plus 1% Portal helps you make the most of every touchpoint, giving you the tools to manage an athletes journey from when they join they long list right through to final selection and then on through their participation at the Games.

Creating a personal online experience has enormous benefits in building your teams performance culture. That’s why we make it easy to provide personalized content and forms that are relevant and tailored by you to specifically meet your athletes and officials needs.

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