Create an online community with your National Sport Federations and athletes. Take control of your message, build team unity and provide your team with a secure platform for all your athlete data needs.

Plus 1% enables your administrators to share all the necessary relevant information about any Games topic in one place. Important information is conveniently organised and accessible and through regular communication with your National Sport Federations and athletes you can build trust and create team unity.

Your messages can be delivered directly to your team members without being reinterpreted or not delivered at all. Take control of your information and communications to your most important stakeholders – athletes, officials and National Sport Federations.

Plus 1% enables you to have full autonomy over your data and messages. This in-turn will give you sovereignty or ownership over your data, probably the single most important asset your organisation owns. Plus 1% creates a vehicle for the management and distribution of your message enabling the one place to find the correct answer.

In addition, once you have the data it can easily be provided back to National Sport Federations as a service.

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