Look Good. Feel Good.

Outfitting2Providing your Team with an appropriate uniform for the occasion is an essential component of sending a Team to a multi-sport Games. Your Team uniform plays a very important role in creating a sense of Team identity, developing unity and building national pride. It can also be one of the most significant logistical exercises with a large budget line.

Worlds Leading Practice

Administrators are often challenged to meet high athlete expectations when kitting out their Olympic, Paralympic or other multi-sport Teams in national colours. The Plus 1% uniform module is the worlds leading application for managing your Teams uniform requirements and when coupled with our knowledge, system thinking approach and training, you will save time and money and get the outcome your athletes expect. Our uniform module has been used by some of the world largest multi-sport teams and some of the smallest. Plus 1% has features that have been refined and enhanced over many years and when coupled with our unmatched understanding of the challenges you face, we can shift your organisation to being one of most effective and efficient when it comes to kitting out your team in your national colours.

Data Collection

Critical to a successful kitting out of your multi-sport Team is knowing what garments to order, how many to order and what sizes to order. Data is fundamental to getting this right. Plus 1% allows administrators to build their own customised uniform kitbag with all the unique characteristics that make up your team uniform. Plus 1% will handle all the data no matter how big or small your Team is or how many garments you are distributing. From 50,000 to 50 garments, unisex, one size or no size, from extra-small to 5-extra-large, short to extra tall, tailor made and specials, female and male, athletes and officials and sport specific items. Plus 1% will handle all the different combinations or permutations.

Plus 1% can be tailored to enable:

  • team members to enter their own sizes and measurements via the Plus 1% Portal
  • team managers or National Sport Federations can be responsible for entering their Team’s sizes through the Portals “My Team” feature
  • your overall Team Administrator or uniform supplier can enter data
  • any combination of the above.

Sizing Sessions and Uniform Status

Plus 1% allows you to create sizing and measurement sessions for your athletes. Team members can book a time and come in and try on the sample sizes. You can also manage the status of each individual to assist with uniform ordering and you can avoid “first-in best-dressed”.

Uniform Order and Stock

Plus 1% has advanced filtering and management tools enabling you to produce your uniform order as accurately as possible, given most uniforms are ordered well in advance of athlete selections. As your team is selected over time, Plus 1% allows you to see where stock storages might exist avoiding embarrassing stock shortfalls. Minimise your overage, save thousands of dollars and have all the sizes available when its time for distribution.

Packing Slips and Distribution

Pre-designed standardised packing slips can be printed off when uniform bags (kitbags) are ready for packing. Manage stock returns and exchanges and deal with left over stock.