Personal Details Data Management

PersonalAs an Administrator of a multi-sport Team one of your main responsibilities is the collection and safe storage of an athlete’s personal data including their name, passport and nationality details, biometrics and next-of-kin as examples. The Plus 1% solution provides you with standard approach to the structure, management and storage of this data making it easy to access and report on. No matter what the data required there’s a field for it in Plus 1%. The data is password protected, encrypted and stored in our highly secure cloud platform. It’s available anywhere at anytime as long as you have access to the internet.

Plus 1% Systems Thinking Approach

Team members personal data is used for a multitude purposes including accreditation, travel, sport entries, profiles and press operations. If you are managing multiple teams at the same time or have athletes and officials who have been to past Games, there is no need to spend hours transfer data between excel spreadsheet especially when trying to register your team for Accreditation or final entries. Plus 1% enables you to transfer athletes and officials quickly and simply between Games so you never have to do multiple entries into excel again.

Selection Status

For many multi-sport organisations athletes are selected over time and not all at once. This means during the preparation phase your team list may contain athletes and officials at various stages of selection. Some maybe selected while other are still on the long list and in contention. Some may become reserves and others may have been withdrawn from the selection process.   Plus 1% enables administrators to be able to provide real-time data to Chef de Missions, National Sport Federations and others to see their teams selection status.