The AMO is a membership based association. All organisations that license the use of the Plus 1% software are invited to become Members of the AMO. As a Member, organisations are given the opportunity to have direct influence in the way the AMO seeks to achieve its business objectives.

Benefits of AMO Membership include:

  • Determining the business direction of the AMO
  • Providing feedback to influence the decisions and development strategies for the Plus 1% software
  • Accessing the sport professionals collaborative knowledge sharing network
  • Attending the bi-annual Plus 1% Conference
  • Attending the AMO General Meeting
  • Nominating representatives for appointment to the Governance Group
  • Voting in the election of the Governance Group and Chairperson
  • Proposing amendments to the AMO Statutes
  • Approving Membership fees
  • Reviewing and approving the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and Auditor’s Report

The AMO Governance Group is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable members of the sport industry. With over 100 years of combined Games experience and varying backgrounds, each member provides a unique combination of skills and expertise.

The Governance Group is responsible for the governance of the AMO and oversees the management of the software, decides on development initiatives, sets licencing fees and manages the association’s finances.

Management Team

  • Richard de Groen – Chair (Commonwealth Games Federation)
  • Anthony Soulsby – Project Director
  • Connie Brian (Franchise Holder’s Working Group)
  • Jake Wilkins (New Zealand Olympic Committee)
  • Travis Holmes (Canadian Paralympic Committee)
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